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make me choose ♡ vanessayves asked

↳ ahs: coven, ahs: asylum, or ahs: murder house?

Best of PLL: Je Suis une Amie
The Ladies of American Horror Story: Coven

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Madison Montgomery + full body shots

Dave Skylark (James Franco) interviews Iggy on Dave Skylark’s Very Special Vma Special [x]

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Desperate Housewives 1.01 ❞Pilot❝

My name is Mary Alice Young. When you read this morning’s paper you may come across an article about the unusual day I had last week. Normally there is never anything newsworthy about my life, but that all changed last Thursday. Of course, everything seemed quite normal at first. I made breakfast for my family, I performed my chores, I completed my projects, I ran my errands. In truth, I spent the day as I spent every other day, quietly polishing the routine of my life, until it gleamed with perfection. That’s why it was so astonishing when I decided to go to my hallway closet and retrieve a revolver that had never been used.

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